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What do you get for that hefty investment in a mobile loyalty program?
  • A fully-customizable rewards system
  • Simple program management
  • Web-based technology, accessible from any computer or mobile device
  • A low-maintenance frequent buyers card rewards system
  • Punch card-free rewards, coupons and discounts
  • Free, unlimited communication with your customers
  • Customer activity tracking tools
  • One more reason for customers to spend their money with you

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What is customer loyalty?

Defining your rewards, creating a program of your own and measuring its success is a challenge. Read our blog for ideas.
Make your mobile loyalty program better than anyone else's.

Hey, eCommerce Business Owners!

Looking for a way to compete with Amazon and eBay?
A ReZoop E Commerce Loyalty Program beats them both.
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Why a Customer Loyalty

  • Customers expect them
  • They work because they're interactive (like social media)
  • They facilitate constant communication with customers
  • They're an easy way to show customers how much they're valued
  • Tracking metrics make it easy to measure success
  • They automate data collection for marketing program improvements
  • It's another form of advertising
  • Everyone else has them

How will this create
Customer Loyalty?

  • Customers appreciate recognition for their loyalty
  • Everyone likes a deal personally delivered to them
  • Every touch-point is a reminder of that business
  • Punch cards are messy, a smart phone app is not
  • Everyone likes specials, discounts and freebies
  • Customers who get extra-special treatment will want more

Why a Rezoop Loyalty System?

  • It's not a clumsy punch card program.
  • It's free advertising
  • It takes two minutes to register
  • It's easy to setup and implement
  • It's 100% manageable from your computer
  • It gives complete control over how to reward loyalty
  • Built-in data tracking measures customer buying habits, ROI, what's working and what's not
  • It's easy to send out last minute and time-sensitive deals
  • You can start your loyalty program today for free
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