Vonage Mobile Dominates Even Facebook

Vonage Mobile has a lot of competition these days, but none of its challengers (Facebook and Skype included) come close to delivering a text and voice communications package the way Vonage does, particularly for international travellers.

In a review of five of Vonage Mobile’s mobile communication competitors – WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Tango – it’s obvious that every other service is just trying to keep up.

If you’re an iPhone or Android fan, Vonage Mobile delivers free app to app calls and texting all over the world. Most of their competitors provide the calling and texting, but they don’t offer the big time extras that Vonage does:

Here’s a quick comparison of how the basic services delivered by the other mobile calling apps stack up to Vonage Mobile.


None of the mobile calling plans are actually free if your device can’t access wifi. Data usage is one big cost penalty for using mobile calling apps. Vonage Mobile is the only service that minimizes data use with its international calling option and offers significant discounts on international rates for both cell and landline long distance calls – even greater discounts than those offered by some telephone companies.

A summary of the mobile communications plans from plus and minus views: 

Vonage Pluses

  • Long distance rates for mobile to mobile in 200 countries that are 70-80% cheaper than plans from mobile carriers
  • Long distance calls to landlines are approximately 30% cheaper than mobile to landline charges
  • Long distance capability eliminates the need for data usage
  • Charges for calls to non-subscribers are shown before you dial
  • Free calls to Vonage Home subscribers
  • Answer incoming calls and receive texts even when the app isn’t open
  • Free calling credits for referrals
  • Calling credits purchased directly through iTunes and Google Play

Vonage Minuses

  • iPhone and Android apps only

WhatsApp Pluses 

  • A global SMS with 200 million users
  • Free unlimited texting to other WhatsApp users anywhere in the world
  • No advertising
  • Group chat feature

WhatsApp Minuses

  • SMS service-only
  • No turning off the app can’t be turned off, so it’s always using data (unless on wifi)
  • If setting is wifi-only messages won’t be received if there is no wifi within range
  • Decreased battery life when app is on and device is roaming
  • Activation instructions vary depending on the type of phone. For Android, the app can only be downloaded from an internet connection

Skype Pluses

  • Subscription rates and flat rates available for calling to landlines
  • Send and receive files with Android and Blackberry devices
  • Call forwarding
  • Video messaging
  • Audio group calling

Skype Minuses

  • Global mobile and landline calling with Skype Credit or subscription plan
  • All features not available with all handsets – voice message retrieval, sending and retrieving files, video calling
  • Cannot receive calls to your Skype Number
  • No calling domestic mobile and landline numbers
  • No sending and receiving SMS messages
  • No Skype video calls
  • No hosting group calls

Facebook Messenger Pluses

  • Contact list automatically populated from Facebook
  • Call friends by phone and on the Web through their Facebook accounts
  • Voice messaging possible when Messenger is running in the background
  • Data usage is minimized or eliminated where there’s no wifi available due to Facebook negotiations with vendors

Facebook Messenger Minuses

  • Only available to Facebook members in Canada, U.S. and U.K.
  • Texting with Messenger isn’t available on every type of phone
  • Not usable with non-Facebook members
  • Making a call using carrier minutes requires logging out of Messenger

Viber Pluses

  • Automatic detection of contacts with the app
  • App runs in the background –  always receive incoming calls and message notifications without too much battery drain
  • Message search by keywords or contact name
  • Group messaging with up to 40 contacts

Viber Minuses

  • Messaging is free to anyone, but carrier rates apply to calls to non-Viber members
  • Video size limited to 10mb (about 4 seconds of video)
  • Call and text message history appear in a single list
  • Separate settings for how alerts appear for the main settings page and the messages settings section
  • Ignoring a call doesn’t stop the phone from ringing on the receiver’s end

Tango Pluses

  • Play games while on calls
  • Send video messages to those without a Tango account
  • Personalize calls and messages with the animation feature – Tango Surprises
  • Send greeting cards
  • Photo editing

Tango Minuses

  • Limited membership
  • No international coverage

Nimbuzz, SquawkApp, and  WeChat apps all contribute to the mobile calling competition. Each offers discounted international calling rates, but any free services are limited to those with the apps downloaded to their smartphones.

With Vonage Mobile you can travel the world and still call home for free. Vonage Mobile set the pace for mobile text and voice communications apps. Even Facebook and Skype can’t keep up. 



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