How ReZoop Works

  • Any business can register with ReZoop. It's FREE to register and use. You do not need any hardware to use ReZoop.
  • The Barcodes we generate to register and manage your customers can be printed on your receipts, menu or products (examples: Wines, breads, package boxes, inserted into the package box or your flyers.) . Once your account is activated please go to the download barcode page to print your barcode.

When you register with ReZoop you will provide:

  • Business Name, Type of business: (keywords that describe your business), Owner/ Manager Name, Phone number , Address, E mail ID : Web address if available, Hours of operation if applicable.

Once your business is registered and your account is approved:

  • ReZoop will generate a barcode for your business.
  • This barcode will be in a PDF format/ images and can be printed and photocopies be made. There will be a QR code for customers to download ReZoop mobile app on the same PDF document.
  • Customers can scan the barcode with ReZoop smart phone app to register and get "Zoops" from your business
  • We encourage businesses to offer an initial discount to the customers for the registration.

Manage your Zoops/Campaign

  • Right from your dashboard you can analyze information about your loyal customers. Send them "Zoops" right from the dashboard to your customers' smartphones.
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